Legends of Awesomeness — 3 of 11

Matt Antonellis

Release 3

Chapter 1 - Rooms

Rad Town is a room. "You're in the center of Rad Town, bro. There isn't a Jamba Juice here, is there? Whatevs, anyway, there's a bunch of dinky-looking houses here, but no one on the street. Strange. Looks like there's a church or something to the west, a forest to the north, some kind of smithery to the east, and an inn to the south."

The Forest of Awesome is a room. "Awesome forest, broham. There's a bunch of gnarly trees here as far as you can see. There's a path to the east running alongside a stream, and a path north, leading to a mountainous area, and looks like there's actually some sort of stone road leading west."

The Forest of Awesome is north of Rad Town.

Mount Badass is a room. "You're at the base of a seriuosly badass mountain, yo. It's all craggy and cavernous. There's even some crazy lava steams running down the mountain."

Mount Badass is north of the Forest of Awesome.

The Cool River is a room. "Looks like that stream from the forest turned into a pretty cool river, dude. There's a small lake here and a smaller bridge passing over part of the river."

The Cool River is east of the Forest of Awesome.

The Crazy Hut is a room. "Wow, there's like this crazy hut thing that you're in. It's all dark and damp and there's some dude standing there inside the hut, sitting down in a chair. There's some crappy old furniture and a bunch of books and boxes lying around."

The Crazy Hut is below the Cool River.

The Sweet Chapel is a room. "You're surrounded by a bunch of statues of religious figures."

The Sweet Chapel is west of the Rad Town.

The Bitchin Inn is a room. "You walk into the inn and see a large table in the middle surrounded by a few chairs. There's a counter and a man standing behind it."

The Bitchin Inn is south of Rad Town.

The Hawt Smithy is a room. "The smithy is filled with lots of hot stuff, like sweaty men lounging around inside a sauna."

The Hawt Smithy is east of Rad Town.