Legends of Awesomeness — 4 of 11

Matt Antonellis

Release 3

Chapter 2 - NPCs

The player is in Rad Town.

Dingus Deebag is a person.

The description of Dingus Deebag is "Look, it's Dingus Deebag. He's acting all important, but looks really stupid. What a d-bag.[line break]It looks like he's got a serious interest in lifting weights, a dumb haircut, some protective eyewear, and golden jewelry."

Dingus Deebag is in Mount Badass.

Understand "dingus" or "deebag" or "dbag" or "d-bag" as Dingus Deebag.

Mayor Oldman is a person. The printed name of Mayor Oldman is "an old man".

Understand "an old man" or "old man" or "oldman" or "man" as Mayor Oldman.

The description of Mayor Oldman is "This guy looks really freakin old. He's got a pretty sweet robe on, though."

Mayor Oldman is in Rad Town.

Bishop Rhokkin is a person.

The description of Bishop Rhokkin is "You see Bishop Rhokkin here. Nice bishop hat, bro."

Bishop Rhokkin is in the Sweet Chapel.

Innkeeper Dungo is a person.

The description of Innkeeper Dungo is "This inkeeper looks a bit dirty, almost like he hasn't taken a bath in his whole life."

Innkeeper Dungo is in the Bitchin Inn.

Blacksmith Tarf is a person.

The description of Blacksmith Tarf is "This blacksmith guy is covered in grime and soot from all the blacksmithing he's likely been privvy to."

Blacksmith Tarf is in the Hawt Smithy.

A monster is a kind of person.

The swamp monster is a monster. "A hulking swamp monster covered in weeds and strands of dripping stuff approaches you. 'Whoa, don't hit me bro!'"

The swamp monster is in the Forest of Awesome.

Understand "monster" or "swampy" or "swampmonster" or "swampmon" as the swamp monster.