Legends of Awesomeness — 9 of 11

Matt Antonellis

Release 3

Section 8 - Other

Universal xyzzy is an action applying to nothing.

Understand "xyzzy" as universal xyzzy.

Carry out universal xyzzy: say "http://www.mattantonellis.com/"

When play ends:

if the story has ended:

say "Game Over, bro. Try not to fail so hard next time, mmk?";

if the story has ended finally:

say "Game Over, bro! You did it! You defeated that jerkface, Dingus Deebag, and his jerkish face. You found the fabled Helm of Awesome +5, and you're one step closer to being the most awesome dude in the known world.";

Rule for amusing a victorious player:

say "Hmm. So you're looking for something more then?

[line break]

Well, it's been a while since I last updated. Almost 8 years, wow!

[line break]

Sadly, there aren't really plans for another game now... However, I am planning on adding a few more things

[line break]

I've been working on a lot of other things since,

[line break]

like Alexa game skills, some other game jams, and getting back into IF.

[line break]

As always, check out my page for more stuff. <http://matt-antonellis.neocities.org>

[line break]

I'm also on the Narrative Games and IF Discord channels.[line break]";

if the player has not been in the Crazy Hut:

say "Did you meet that crazy dude that lives under the bridge?[line break]";

if the player is not carrying the dirty egg:

say "Did you find the easter egg? It doesn't look like you have it in your inventory. I don't think it really does anything (yet). It just kind of sits in your inventory. Maybe you'll be able to eat it, or even cook it in future versions. Hmm.";