Legends of Awesomeness — 10 of 11

Matt Antonellis

Release 3

Section 9 - Achievements


Table of Challenges

Points Title Time

1 "Tile Mover" a time

2 "Chain Smoke"

3 "I Once Killed a Man"

To record (T - text) as achieved:

choose row with a title of T in the Table of Challenges;

if there is no time entry:

now time entry is the time of day;

increase the score by the points entry.

Understand "full score" or "fullscore" as requesting the full score.

Requesting the full score is an action out of world.

Carry out requesting the full score:

if the score is 0, say "You have achieved nothing much." instead;

repeat through the Table of Challenges in reverse time order:

say "Challenges:[line break]

[title entry] ([points entry]p) - [time entry]";

Universal challenges is an action applying to nothing.

Understand "challenges" or "achievements" as universal challenges.

Carry out universal challenges:

say "There are X challenges. You have achieved Y of them.[line break]

Challenge 1 - do something[line break]

Challenge 2 - do something[line break]

Challenge 3 - do something";